West Wight Watersports

There is an abundance of watersports to choose from in West Wight. 

West Wight watersports

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Freshwater Bay and Compton Bay are popular with surfers. Compton Bay also attracts paddle-boarders and body-boarders. Divers favour the sheltered waters of Freshwater Bay. You will also see SUPers on the river Yar at Old Freshwater and Yarmouth, and at the foot of Colwell Chine.

Swimming from the beaches at Totland Bay and Colwell Bay is popular with young families. There is an indoor pool at Moa Place, Freshwater. Yarmouth is the place for yachting and river canoeing. Sea kayaking and coasteering is based near the bothy at Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight.


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  1. Given the right winter conditions, Freshwater Bay offers surfers four-foot (1.3m) waves at up to three-quarter tide. These can swell to eight feet (2.6m) with wave faces twice that height overhead. Because of the rocks these breaks are not for the faint-hearted.
    Colwell Bay on the west coast is more sheltered and popular with stand-up paddle boarders (SUPers). Experienced long- and short-boarders head for Hanover Point in Compton Bay. The beach near Brook Chine is popular with windsurfers.
    In gentler seas… and throughout the year… you will see people in kayaks setting off from Freshwater Bay to paddle round past the Needles to Totland Bay.
    Paddle boarders also set off on the Yar near the causeway, Old Freshwater.
    The local base for sailing is Yarmouth. There are boat trips to Hurst Castle in summer and rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) to charter. Boat trips to the Needles start at Alum Bay.

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